New Flexvit Resistance Range

March 21, 2017

The Flexvit Resistance range is the latest addition to our broad range of Resistance Bands and Tubes. 

Incredibly versatile, the Flexvit tapes allow a workout to handle all fitness components. Whether a balanced conditioning training, exercises for the stability, stimulation and strengthening of different muscle chains, the Flexvit tapes offer a maximum flexible use for all uses. With the "Made in Germany" seal Flexvit's flexible training tapes stand for the highest demands and quality. Thanks to a very high-quality material based on a patented technology the belts offer very robust and stable properties. For this reason, a specially made woven textile rubber does not have any skin contact with rubber or latex. The Flexvit tape is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. The extraordinary feel of a textile structure does not have to do without the elastic properties of rubber or latex. 

The Flexvit tapes are stable and do not roll during a workout. Moreover, due to the special material texture there is no toppling of the skin and are thus also very user-friendly.

Use and possibilities:

With the collaboration of amateur athletes and physiotherapists, a training device was developed after a monthly further development, which meets all target groups and demands in impressive quality. The Flexvit tapes offer a training device for all age groups and physical constitutions, which is easy to transport and extremely versatile in its applications.

  • Flexvit Mini

The classic stretch straps allow all the options of a conventional training program. In this way, especially targeted small muscle chains can be trained, which are used for a higher body stance and a preventive measure for the protection of injuries. The special feel also allows a better sensation on the skin, without scratching and pulling it increases the training-fun.

  • Flexvit Multi

The Flexvit Multibands serve as a training program for functional movements, which have an effect on the strengthening of muscle groups and an improvement of the movement coordination. The Flexvit Multis can be used very flexibly for the joints to perform all exercises with a maximum range of stretching of the extremities. Several loops can be used to create a variety of training conditions, which makes the use independent of body size.

  • Flexvit Resist

Two velcro straps, which can be easily strapped around the waist, can be used to accompany the application without cutting into the skin. The very soft material properties are stretchy, robust and tear resistant. This makes them a technological innovation, especially in the field of modern acceleration, sprinting and running technology training. 

Check out the new range here.


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