FlyeFit Swords

Client : FlyeFit Swords
Members : 8,000+
Location : South Quarter, Nevinstown Ln, Airside Retail Park, Swords, Co. Dublin
Gym Area : 2300+ sqm

We were approached by FlyeFit to carry out a site visit at their facility at Airside Swords. With the already established facility that covers 2 floors with a foot print of 15,000sq ft and with an additional floor being added to the facility which will add 10,000sq ft, this will bring the total of the 3 floors to 25,000sq ft. With this in mind we had to re-design & supply equipment to all floors keeping in mind a smooth flowing zonal area’s as per below :

  • 3rd Floor - Cardio / Ladies Free Weights / Stretching
  • 2nd Floor - Studio / Functional Training Area’s / PT Area / Astro Zone
  • Ground Floor – Strength / Free Weights / Lifting Area

We offered Flyefit 3D Gym Drawings and virtual walk-through as part of our package while supporting this with Gold standard maintenance / service contract. This contract was not awarded on price but more on the overall package and what we could bring to the table with custom functional rigs including custom colours and branding. The time and thought put into this project was what secured the deal as we set out to re-design all floors and offer the full package.

Please check out our time-lapse installation video below which demonstrates the full project from start to finish.

3d Floor plan

Project Video


Equipment Installed

  • 5x Exigo Elite Power / Power Combi Double Rack - 8FT
  • 4x Exigo 45 Degree 1mtr Wing 32mm Grip
  • 4x Exigo Core Plate / Landmine Attachment
  • 10x Exigo Integrated Elite Platform - Oak Centre
  • 4x Exigo Weight Toast Rack
  • 10x Exigo Double J-Hooks ( Elite )
  • 4x Exigo Front Safety Spot Arms ( Elite )
  • 4x Exigo Scoop Attachments ( Elite )
  • 4x Exigo Elite Upper Band Peg Attachment
  • 5x Exigo Storage Hooks
  • 4x Exigo Dip Attachment
  • 10x Exigo Adjustable Flat/Incline/Decline Bench
  • 5x Exigo Adjustable Bench with Spot Feet
  • 5x Exigo Adjustable Decline Bench
  • 2x Exigo Standard Flat Bench
  • 1x Exigo Glute Ham Developer Bench
  • 1x Exigo 45 Degree Hyper Extension Bench
  • 1x Exigo Adjustable Prone Bench
  • 1x Exigo Olympic Flat Bench
  • 1x Exigo Olympic Incline Bench
  • 1x Exigo Olympic Decline Bench
  • 1x Exigo Olympic Military Press Bench
  • 1x Exigo MFS CLASSIC RIG - Fully Loaded with Attachments
  • 2x Jordan Urethane PU Dumbell Set 2.5kg-50kg FF Logo & Racks
  • 2x Eleiko IWF 190kg Weightlifting Set
  • 11x 7ft Ultimate 20kg Mens Bar Red (Tested to 1600lbs / 750kg)
  • 6x 6ft Ultimate Ladies 15kg Bar Blue (Tested to 1000lbs /450kg)
  • 16x Jordan Top Grade Colour 5kg Bumper Plate Black
  • 16x Jordan Top Grade Colour 10kg Bumper Plate Green
  • 16x Jordan Top Grade Colour 15kg Bumper Plate Yellow
  • 16x Jordan Top Grade Colour 20kg Bumper Plate Blue
  • 16x Jordan Top Grade Colour 25kg Bumper Plate Red
  • 6x Jordan 7ft Steel Series Olympic bar (1500lbs test) without bearings
  • 2x Jordan Classic Premium 400kg Rubber Olympic Disc Sets
  • 3x Exigo Olympic Bar Holder
  • 2x Exigo Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Tree
  • 1x Exigo Freestanding Chalk Bin
  • Everlast 8mm EL01 Roll Buff Blue Flooring
  • 1x Exigo MFS Tri Rig - Fully Loaded


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